Recording our First Album


We are seeking funding to release a new choral album of music by Alexander Campkin


The album is based on the concept of a journey through the night, darkness, links with Alex’s own life experience and the challenges he has faced through living with Multiple sclerosis. He feels that we are the right choir to be able to present his music (including some premiere recordings) and we feel that it’s something we’d be proud to produce as the groups’ first commercial album. We have a Label on board to help produce and release the project, who have experience in working with choirs of our standard and helping to promote and advocate young musicians. As it happens a number of their production team are graduates of Durham University.


Speaking as the group’s artistic director, I can’t understate the value an investment in the disc would grant us; the chance to record professionally as young, aspiring musicians does not frequently present itself, and I, and my dedicated singers, would be ever more grateful for the career-forwarding prospects this album could present. We are to compete in our first international competition in November of this year, so to continue this possible step up in the group’s recognition with a recording would be invaluable. As a musician from the north, I have also experienced the regional disparity in the opportunities available in choral and classical music, so would endeavour to use this album as a platform to increase the group’s influence in the region’s classical music production, continuing to work with schools and youth choirs around the area. 


In preparation for this project, Phoenix Consort have a number of concerts planned in the coming months, and we’re looking to recording across 9-10 December 2023 in Hild Bede College Chapel. The project would involve 16-20 singers who are primarily current members of Durham University.


In order to undertake this project, we, the choir, will need to raise £6,000 to cover the costs associated with the commercial recording, production, and release of this album. This would include the hire or a recording venue, engineer and producer. They would record and produce a CD master, with the Label. The figure accounts for partial investment of time and finance from the Label, without which, the sum would be higher.


The recording will include the production and distribution of physical CDs, given that the audience for this music includes many who still purchase it in this media, and that choral publications tend to request CDs for review purposes. The album will also be distributed digitally.

Words from the composer

Alexander Campkin writes…

“The music for the album is focused on my composition ‘I saw Eternity’, a work in six movements setting poignant texts by Henry Vaughan.


Composing this has made me question my own background. I’ve used my own personal journey of having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis as a teenager. I explore and depict the calming emotions that I have experienced, expressed within the music. I question my understanding of eternity, hope, optimism, and I see the piece as a celebration of life.


The central part of the text is:

‘I saw Eternity the other night,

Like a great ring of pure and endless light,

All calm, as it was bright’


Other pieces include my compositions Veiled by night, Everlasting voices, Sleep, True love, Calm me o Lord, and World of merriment.


The album takes the listener on a calming, peaceful journey through night, light and eternity, using the medium of choral music.”